Available now, Chris Kelso's avante-garde SF novel The Dissolving Zinc Theatre follows its main character, the Director, a damaged-but-ambitious man with a shady past and hazy future, as he attempts to perform as auteur for the mysterious Writer's screenplay Klopp. The Director is subjected (and subjects himself) to various uncomfortable-but-entertaining situations, from arguing with Klopp's producer over funds and sexual escapades with artificial humans to defending (or being defended by?) his male member when the Director's gal, Isabella (cue sultry heroine theme) admits their relationship has left her wanting. Who is really who they claim to be, and not just a copy (or copies) of themselves? Will the Writer approve of the Director's interpretation of his screenplay? Or perhaps the Director, beaten-down and crestfallen, will be forever doomed to play the tragic hero in our collective Dissolving Zinc Theatre.