Available Now: The Courting

Benjamin Card's first collection of short stories, The Courting, is available now in print version.

In the title story, Angelo and his wife Kimberly have been having marital issues for some time. Things take a catastrophic turn when one morning an invisible entity in the sky claims Kim's unconditional love...along with that of every other female on Earth. Now the women are shouting, crying, and ripping each other apart to earn the love of this mysterious and seemingly non-existent being in the sky. And Angelo, along with every other confused and desperate man in the world, needs to figure out a way to snap the women back to reality before it's too late.

This debut collection by Benjamin Card features ten of his subtly unnerving stories, all of which dig deep into the uninhibited recesses of the mind. In "Blind Date", a man discovers that his dream girl may live in a different dimension; "I'll Spend It With You" is a brief glimpse of the afterlife, where two dead lovers may be forced to spend eternity separated; and in the nerve-twisting "Late-Night Snack",  young Dennis is constantly visited by his demon-possessed father during the night.

Jennifer Serling, niece of the legendary Rod Serling, provided the foreword for The Courting.  

"Benjamin Card's stories are wide-ranging and very high-concept. He's a writer of true imagination."

— Kendare Blake, author of Anna Dressed in Blood

"Card's bite-sized stories are inventive, compelling and prone to unforeseen twists and turns. Nothing is ever as it seems—the true mark of a talented storyteller."

— Jana Oliver, author of The Demon Trappers series

"Card's talent is self-evident, taking simple ideas and turning them inside-out, forcing the reader to re-evaluate what they thought they knew without being presumptuous or condescending. I'm excited to see what he comes up with next!"

— Jason Kristopher, author of The Dying of the Light series

"Reminiscent of a Twilight Zone episode... Benjamin has a gift for allowing the reader to visualize the story in their own minds, which can be a challenge in the electronic-focused world today..."

— Jennifer Serling (from the foreword to The Courting)