Stephen Cooney has been a fan of art for as long as he can remember. Watching fantasy and horror in his youth served as a model of inspiration for his art, as did his dreams of designing heavy metal band album covers. He attended Exeter Art School, but felt it was not a good fit as his teachers didn’t fully “get” the dark nature of his artistic inclinations. After years of painting, a tattoo artist fell in love with Stephen’s work and hired him to design tattoo flash, which in turn led to him taking up the art of inking clients himself. Since returning to his first love of painting, he has involved himself largely with horror and fantasy projects but welcomes opportunities to move outside of those genres. His influences include Derek Riggs, Ken Kelly, and Edward J. Repka, all artists who design album covers. Stephen and his wife Amanda live in the UK and have two children, Hayley and Steven Junior. Look for his website soon.