Villipede Publications is proud to announce that the debut novel of J. Daniel Stone now has a Kindle version available for purchase through Amazon. The original print version, designed by Madoosk Design, has been matched as closely as possible. BaXia Development was responsible for the conversion to digital.

The Absence of Light is a dark prose novel written by 25-year-old J. Daniel Stone. Stone's debut is a juggernaut of strength and passion that has brought literary prose back to the spotlight. With a natural ability for mapping out interesting characters and setting, Stone's work will resonate long after the last word on the page. He is a valuable addition not only to the horror genre and the indie publishing community, but to the writing world in general. The reader will become drunk on his words.

Some recent reviews . . . 

. . . one part ghost story, one part alternative lifestyle exploration that explores the themes of identity, loss, and the power of art through poetic language.
Kristine Chester, “Fanboy Comics” Senior Contributor 

This book to me became instantly important because it represents the power of so-called ‘outsider’ fiction and it is with this power that this book will call its’ readers home.
The Supernatural Honey, “The Horror Honeys” Reviewer

The Absence of Light is a tome of passion, a tour-de-force of angry youth scarred by lost pasts, the yearning to understand the hateful world around them, and the forever need to create. Stone's characters are a dying breed of art junkies dressed in black who are inspired by night. But that's what brings out the genius in their mediums be it music, writing, photography and more. The Absence of Light is a realistic insight into the minds of angst-ridden youth from the mind of a writer with first hand experience. Where there was first Joyce, Burroughs, Rice, Skipp, Koja and Kiernan, now there is Stone.

Villipede Publications was founded in 2011. Villipede previously published a SF Anthology by various authors titled 'The Glass Parachute' and the print version of 'The Absence of Light' by J. Daniel Stone. Villipede is currently working on a Horror Anthology titled, 'Darkness Ad Infinitum,' which is scheduled for an October 2013 release. Villipede also has an, as of yet, unannounced collection of short stories by a single author. More details to follow at a later date.