Forever, in Pieces Available Now

FIP is now available in paperback and Amazon Kindle formats. 



“Kurt Fawver’s stories are nasty little shockers that dare to dream big. And he isn’t afraid to follow those big and totally mad ideas through to their horrific conclusions. Yeah, Kurt is a little messed up, and Forever, in Pieces is a promising debut.”

Paul Tremblay,  author of In the Mean Time
and Swallowing a Donkey’s Eye

“From the most far-flung reaches of space, time and imagination, Fawver presents a parade of original and startling visions.”

David Dunwoody,  author of
Unbound & Other Tales

“A poignant and genuinely unnerving debut collection. Exquisite in every possible way. Kurt Fawver is a virtuoso of short-form literature, and Forever, in Pieces is his magnum opus.” 

Adam Millard,  author of Dead Line


“Forever, in Pieces is aptly titled, for this book offers readers unnerving glimpses into our eternal fears, both staggeringly cosmic and painfully intimate. Kurt Fawver’s tales are gruesome and poignant. An impressive debut.” 

Richard Gavin,  author of At Fear’s Altar

“With Forever, in Pieces, Kurt Fawver creates a collection perfectly balanced between beautiful and vicious, clever and dark. Like love stories for the dead, it calls to your soul to just keep turning pages.”

— Jonathan Moon,  author of Heinous
and Hollow Mountain Dead

“Fawver’s Forever, in Pieces is a searing and unapologetic exploration of futility. His very purpose in the tragically beautiful arrangement of his words is to prove that ‘On every level, we are not meant to over-come; we are meant to fall apart’—and his thoughtful, captivating stories illustrate this truth in an impeccably somber literary performance.”

Shawna L. Bernard,  editor of Cellar Door
and Ugly Babies


“Kurt Fawver’s fiction could certainly be tapped as the new weird, but also Lovecraftian without the xenophobia and overt mysticism. His tales are philosophically formal, but laced with the everyday horrors that most of us can relate to. 

— J. Daniel Stone, author of The Absence of Light

Forever, in Pieces Release Date Notification List

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Villipede to Release Speculative Horror Collection

Villipede Publications is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of Kurt Fawver's horror collection, Forever, in Pieces. The book will feature eighteen of Kurt's delightfully daedal pieces, in the perniciously haunting style that has gained him a quiet, cultish following in the past years. Kurt's work has appeared in magazines such as Morpheus Tales and Encounters as well as in anthologies from Necro Publications, Omnium Gatherum Media, and the regretfully departed Pill Hill Press.

Although Kurt is, by day, a quiet, bookish professor of English in the sunny state of Florida, he's possessed by dark, arcane forces of lexical madness—forces that, during the twilit hours, entreat him to slit open his wrists and his mind so that their terrifying power and subtlety might bleed through him, onto a page, into a story, into a book, and into you, the reader.   

In Kurt's debut collection, you will find a melange of lost souls, cosmic horrors, wondrous abysses, and even some good old-fashioned murder. You will be taken to the end of the earth and the end of humanity, to dystopian futures and personal hells. You'll meet conquering gods and unholy messiahs, invisible babies and talking chairs, interdimensional monsters and the monsters we sometimes see all too clearly in the mirrors before our own faces. The stories in Forever, in Pieces will immerse you in loneliness and loss, life and death, love and obsession, and, above all, the shadowed—and often terrible—veil of eternity.    

To accompany the disquieted (and disquieting) style of Kurt's work, artist Luke Spooner of Carrion House was contracted to provide his uniquely grim illustrative support for several of the stories. 

Scheduled for release November 2013