Villipede to Release Luke Spooner's Psychological Art Book

IdEntities, Villipede Publications' extremely unique and exciting project with Luke Spooner of Carrion House, is an artistic exploration of mental and psychological disorders and syndromes depicted in ways we’ve never seen. Each disorder is represented in illustrations of an individual who suffers from it, as well as an "entity" embodying the manifestation of symptoms, behaviors, and emotions unique to each one. 

The spectrum of disorders and syndromes covered in the book is broad—they range from sleep to sexual, from impulse control to personality. Viewers will recognize some of them, while others will likely seem strange and entirely unfamiliar. 

The book is designed in such a way that the viewer will be shown glimpses into the days, lives, and worlds—both real and delusional, both inward and external—of individuals you may pass by on the street, or sit across from at your dinner table, or might have known in childhood, or work with as an acquaintance. These are real people—they are you, me, all of us—and we want to shed light on these disorders in ways which will both enlighten viewers and perhaps show the people represented in these pages that they are not alone, and that we do see them. That we need to see them.

We consider this a groundbreaking venture, and have been interacting with the community in hopes of gaining deeper insight into these disorders and the various ways they affect the population—both the individuals living with these afflictions, and those of us trying to understand them with compassion, insight, and above all else, humanity. 

So far we've released sneak peeks of some of Luke's artwork from IdEntities. Please view our FB teaser album.