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What do we do? Instead let's make known what we DON'T do: We don't make vacuous hollow stuff. We make cool stuff. And we aren't going to waste anyone's time by cramming our abilities or interests into any set group of parameters. So you should look at some of our cool stuff . . . even buy some if you'd like. And then you should contact us and we can make more cool stuff together. 

Cut out doors and windows in order to make a room. Adapt the nothing therein to the purpose in hand, and you will have the use of the room. Thus what we gain is Something, yet it is by virtue of Nothing that this can be put to use.


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Our explanation -  We want to be upfront with our fans and customers. The three images/links above are Amazon Associate links. They allow us to earn money when you shop at Amazon, whether you buy our stuff or not. It’s not much, but hopefully over time it will allow us to put more into our marketing budget. We will make an official announcement with our reasoning behind this decision in the near future. Thank you for your understanding and continued support. If you feel strongly about this, go to our disclosure page and leave us a comment.