Our monthly flash fiction contest is open to all interested participants. Every month we will feature an original piece of artwork and contestants will submit their stories to accompany it. Artwork themes will change for each contest.

Stories will be graded on basis of their relation to the artwork, originality, cleverness, and overall entertainment value. Stories that contain violence, profanity or degrading wordage in excess will more than likely not be featured. Our limit for story length is 600 words. We prefer material that has not been previously published, but we may make exceptions.       

We will select one winner and two runners-up each contest and their stories and links will be posted on our site. Presently the main prize is a physical copy of one of our books. We will notify the winners shortly after the close of the month's submissions. Artists selected for the featured flash will also receive one of our books.The stories and art will appear on this page with links to the creators' homepages. 




Featured Flash #3: OPEN April 10 to ---

Fill out the form below to submit your flash story. Click here if you would rather email us your submission.

Please do not contact us about your story's status. We will decide winners at the end of the contest and contact them personally to inform them.