Do you love horror? Is your idea of a great night a bone-chilling book or a scary double feature? Then this Valentine’s Day come hang out with 30 horror authors at the “Eat Your Heart Out” event on Facebook. Let us entertain you, enjoy some free giveaways, and see a ton of great spooky and post-apocalyptic themed books go on sale as our valentine to you. See you there, you might even have to leave the lights on.

—A. Carina Barry, Event Organizer


Don’t be alone on Valentine’s Day . . . Zombies prefer a two-course meal!!!

Villipede Publications will have two of our titles available at the “Eat Your Heart Out” event: Forever, in Pieces and our Villipede Double Feature 1, which is going to be released during the event.

Kurt Fawver’s short story collection, Forever, in Pieces, was released December 2013 in both print and Kindle versions. We’ll also be giving away a signed print of one of FIP’s illustrations, done by Luke Spooner of Carrion House. Don't miss your chance to win this!


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Villipede Double Feature 1 (Available Feb 14)

Villipede Publications’ first Double Feature, in electronic version only, featuring Damir Salkovic’s “The Black Ziggurat” and Rob Oxley’s “Cyborg Pajamas”. Salkovic's story offers an alternative glimpse of post-cold war revelation, as Russian military men tend to a dark temple and the destructive, unfathomable alien forces that are kept prisoner beneath it. An American spy has seen first-hand the frightening power of the Black Ziggurat, and collaborates with the government to investigate and eventually control the dark forces for themselves. Oxley’s story is a grungy walk with Andy, the emotionally-damaged junkie main character, through a fairly normal day in a near-future world gone crazy. Citizens openly lose their minds in public view from a mysterious pathogen known as the Spell, and a street drug offers the only reprieve from its madness.

The Under-Circus and Other Tales by A. Carina Barry (Available Feb 14)

Welcome to the greatest show on earth, the Under-Circus, where death-defying feats are performed at the shows because the performers are already dead. But it is a place of second-chances for those who have left this life with their souls hanging in a precarious balance. Come meet the mysterious Ringmaster who chooses which souls may have a second chance at redemption in his exotic circus troupe.

But there is more within these pages. Tales to chill, thrill, scare, and amuse you. Enjoy stories that dance around the dark theme of what really lies out there just beyond our sight. Meet a girl who wants to trade her brother for a dragon, what being the first Martian really means, and meet a man who learns who his friends really are during a zombie apocalypse. Discover a fantasy land where a single continent holds some of the most ferocious horrors out there, and what happens when a ship gets lost and lands on their shores. All of these tales and more beckon to you. Come inside and visit for a while. They’re all waiting just for you.



Stamps, Vamps & Tramps (Available Feb 14)

Eternally stamped, Eternally damned . . .

Grecian prostitutes and blood guzzling birds, pickle-sized vampires who wear their hearts on their sleeves, sexy immortals that fear human greed and memories that become tattoos; Stamps, Vamps & Tramps crosses genres to deliver bone-chilling stories that will keep you up at night.

Sixteen talented authors take you on a journey where stamps aren't always inked, tramps aren't always hookers, and vampires aren't always at the top of the food chain. From the colonnade of ancient Greece to a small town amusement park, from the battlefield to the urban center, this anthology will suck you in to the very end.

Featuring stories by Rachel Caine, Nancy Kilpatrick, Paul Witcover, and Gemma Files, among others.

Pulse by Eloise J. Knapp (Available Feb 14)

Everyone thought the world would end in a rain of atomic fire; no one suspected it would come from a piece of bad fish.

An unidentified and aggressive illness begins spreading in North Dakota, and the nation panics. People are becoming sick, losing their minds, and murdering each other in disturbing ways. The government is struggling to come up with a solution, but as the epidemic mutates within the civilian population, its grip grows stronger.

Dom is thousands of miles away near Seattle, witnessing his city collapse. The pandemic hasn't even reached them, but people are panicking and rioting as though it's already there. Holed up in his apartment with his best friend and girlfriend, Dom fears the worst.

Dr. Adam Baker dreamt of a different life; one full of scientific discoveries and not a failed marriage and twin daughters who hate him. But when the opportunity to make a difference arises and his team has to find a solution to this national crisis, he finds that what he wanted is more than he bargained for.

Who will survive in the wake of this devastation?

As people turn into monsters, a monster learns how to be human.... The zombie apocalypse meets its match in sociopathic survivalist Cyrus V. Sinclair, the antihero of Eloise J. Knapp’s THE UNDEAD SITUATION.
— Craig DiLouie, author of THE INFECTION

Internet Radio Host Jackie Chin and Zombie co-host, Dead Door William, were gracious enough to interview, Kurt Fawver, on their radio broadcast on February 7th, 2014. We would like to return the favor by featuring them on this page. Go LIKE their Facebook page to stay updated on their broadcast schedule.

Please go support them and this campaign below.


Zombiepalooza Radio is probably one of the most unique radio programs on or off the internet. Although most of the material is zombie themed the actual content is about the authors, actors, musicians, artists and the entire spectrum of entertainment venues this encompasses.

If you've been a guest on Zombiepalooza, you know that they don't do it for the money. They do it because they have a sincere desire to support the artistic community at large.

They've helped so many of us gain exposure, all the while footing the entire cost of show production themselves. Let's 'get our zombies on' and give a little back.

Shirts are available here and range from $13 - $16.



AuthorTitle on salePurchase:Reviews:Follow:
Rachel Aukes100 Days in Deadland (Deadland Saga)
Owen BaillieAftermath (Invasion of the Dead, Book 1)
A. Carina BarryThe Under-Circus and Other Talesnone
Jake BibleZ-Burbia: A Zombie Novel
Tonia BrownDevouring Milo
Jason ChristieZombie Killanone
Joseph ColeySix Feet From Hell: Crisis
Eli ConstantDead Trees
Rickey CooperDesignated Infected
Katie CordStamps, Vamps & Tramps
Craig DiLouieThe Retreat #1: Pandemic
^The Infection^
Jacqueline DrugaZombie Battle: Complete
Dan EaglesThe Last Venture Capitalist
Kurt FawverForever, in Pieces
Sarah Lyons FlemingUntil the End of the World
Rhiannon FraterThe Untold Tales Omnibus: Zombie Stories From the As The World Dies Universe
Michael S. GardnerDownfall
Josh HildenThe Shores of the Dead Book One: The Rising
Michelle KilmerWhen the Dead
^The Spread^
Eloise J. KnappPulse
^The Undead Situation^
SB KnightGame of Straws
^Origins (Game of Straws)^
Timothy W. LongAt the Behest of the Dead
^Among the Living^
Keith MilsteadFish to Die For (666 Fish)
Ripley PattonGhost Hold (The PSS Chronicles, Book Two)
Claire C. RileyOdium (The Dead Saga)
Damir SalkovicVillipede Double Feature 1none
R.J. SpearsForget the Alamo: A Zombie Novella (Forget the Zombies Series)
Rachel TsoumbakosEmeline and the Mutants
Jack WallenI Zombie I
Darren WearmouthFirst Activation: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller