Villipede Double Feature 1: Available now on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords

Featuring “The Black Ziggurat” by Damir Salkovic, and “Cyborg Pajamas” by Rob Oxley.

Salkovic's story offers an alternative glimpse of post-Cold War revelation, as Russian military men tend to a dark temple and the destructive alien forces that are kept prisoner beneath it. An American spy has seen first-hand the frightening power of the Black Ziggurat, and collaborates with the government to investigate in hopes of controlling the dark forces themselves.

Oxley’s story is a grungy walk with Andy, the emotionally-damaged junkie main character, through a fairly normal day in a near-future world gone crazy. Citizens openly lose their minds in public view from a mysterious pathogen known as the Spell, and a street drug offers the only reprieve from its madness.


Future Villipede Double Features: Open for Submissions 02/14/14 to 03/10/14 

Our Double Feature is currently not genre-specific; SF, fantasy, horror, satire—anything goes! At this time, the Double Features will only be available in digital versions.

- Acceptable word range for stories is 3k to 8k.

- We prefer submissions to be in standard manuscript format, but will not disqualify any submission so long as it is coherent and readable.

- This is a token payment plus royalties market. Individual authors whose stories are accepted for our Double Feature will receive a token payment of ten ($10) US Dollars, regardless of word count, and will be entitled to 22.2% of net profits from sales of the digital versions.

Submissions can be sent to us at the address below. Please include the manuscript, your name, contact info, story title, and the story’s publishing history. We are not accepting reprints at this time.