Available now in digital and print formats: AMONG THE RUINS by Stephen Williams.



When Ryan and his crew kidnap Edric Samuels, the teenage son of a billionaire, it doesn’t take long for fractures to appear in their carefully constructed plan. The walls close in and the once good friends are suddenly at each other’s throats. Things look bad—but they’re about to get a whole lot worse.   

Edric is not an ideal prisoner, and soon pacifying the boy is their only option. Sometimes they use a needle, other times, their fists. But what his captors don’t know is that each time he falls down the rabbit hole, Edric’s nightmares are training him to be a killing machine. Are these hallucinations from the drugs . . . or are they something much darker? 

Regardless, once set on this path of revenge, Edric won’t stop until his enemies are hollow shells of blood and bone.



“Williams writes with the confidence of Shane Carruth. His prose has this weird talent of stealing his reader’s ability to breathe. Among the Ruins is not only terrifying, but smart, too. You’re going to need something a lot stronger than popcorn to survive this one.”

—Max Booth III, author of Toxicity


Among the Ruins is horrifying at times in its sensibilities, heartfelt and poetic at others in its examination of the gruesome, but above all the book is damned intriguing from cover to cover. Stephen Williams writes like a seasoned veteran, not only of the intense thriller variety, but a veteran of your worst nightmares imaginable. You don’t know where this novel is going to take you and you especially don’t know where it will leave you. Highly recommended!”

—Benjamin Kane Ethridge, Bram Stoker Award winning author of Divine Scream and Bottled Abyss


“Williams’ Among the Ruins isn't afraid to jump headlong into the abyss and explore what lurks there. The novel moves at a good pace and includes enough dark twists and unsettling turns to keep its hooks buried in us until the terrifying end. If Among the Ruins is any indication, Williams is a writer to keep your eye on.”

—Kurt Fawver, author of Forever, in Pieces


“This is a nail-biting, ‘where the hell is this going to end up’ kind of thriller . . . a rollicking ride that will have you clutching your seat with one hand while flipping the pages with the other, and wondering all the while who to root for. This one kicks in faster than a Ramones song and never slows down."

—John Everson, Bram Stoker Award winning author of NightWhere and The Family Tree